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ML370 G4 with LTO Ultrium 1-SCSI tape drives problems

Charles Tousignant
Occasional Visitor

ML370 G4 with LTO Ultrium 1-SCSI tape drives problems



I am using HP Library and tape tools 4.11 (latest) and I've upgraded all the firmwares and drivers with the DVD FIrmware 9.20 and PSP 8.60 for this server.


I'm trying to run the test "LTO Drive Assessment test" on the server and the test will always stop at "Time Remaining: 60 secs"

I've seen a couple of errors in the event viewers (the txt file with the errors is in the attachments). I've never been able to finish the test.

I tried the same drives in another ML370 G4 and it did the same errors...

A HP technician came in last night to do some tests with 2 new drives and a new SCSI cable to do some more tests. We tested the first drive on 2 different ML 370 G4 and there were a lot of errors so it looks like this drive was DOA.

The second drive with the new cable in the server made the exact same error (test would stop progressing at Time Remaining: 60 secs)


Now, the technician wants to replace the System Board but I'm really doubting that this is going to help since I have the same errors on 2 different servers with 3 different tapes and 3 different scsi cables...


Does anyone have an idea why the tests never pass... I began doing those tests because backup would fail with CRC errors with new HP LTO Media.


Also, I already have a case number open in case any of the HP technician helping on the forum wants to take a look....