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ML370 G4 won't POST


ML370 G4 won't POST


I have 2 ML370 G4 servers that sat for two years doing nothing.

Since I need them again now, I bootet them up yesterday, everything worked fine, and I shut them down again.

Today, I switches them on again, one of them bootet ok, the other one didn't even POST. Internal and external health LEDs on the front panel are green, both power supplies show green, all fans spin up, no processor, PPM, or memory LEDs are on, even the (undocumented) PWRGOOD LED on the mainboard lights green. No POST, no beep, no video.

I tried all the usual remedies (reseated everything, checked and reseated all cable connections, swapped rocessors and PPMs, tried a bare minimum boot, removed and visually checked the system board, changed the battery), nothing helped.

Any ideas?

Further questions:

There are 8 undocumented LEDs an the system board (labeled CR64 to CR71, near the fan 4 connector in the back) which behave drastically different from the same LEDs in the working server. Is there any documentation to be had? The Maintenance and Service Guide doesn't seem to know about them ...

I seem to remember that there was a dipswitch setting to reset the server and/or invoke the reserve boot ROM. Any help?

Thanks in advance,


Re: ML370 G4 won't POST

Still no ideas?

Edwin Eppel
Valued Contributor

Re: ML370 G4 won't POST

The switch settings are in the Maintenance and Service Guide ;) after System Board Components.

Set switch 6 on and power up to clear NVRAM, then reboot again with minimal hardware configuration. Use the parts from the working system if it still fails to boot. Visa versa, you can test the other components in the working system to see if they are still good. Might have been some bad luck and the system board failed.