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ML370 Miror and stripe setup

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Mark Giles_1
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ML370 Miror and stripe setup

We have just received an ML370G4 with Smart Array 6400 controller, 2 x 18Gb HDD and 3 x 72Gb HDD. This server is to be used as a terminal server and I intend to mirror the 2 x 18Gb drives for O/S and stripe the 3 x 72Gb drives for apps. We have assembled the parts but I was expecting to use 1 of the array controller channels for the mirror and the other for the stripe for greatest efficiency. I am now confused as the hot swop drive cage only has 1 SCSI connector, I have removed the other end of the connector from the host SCSI controller to channel 1 of the array controller and setup the 18Gb mirror but am confused as to the next step. Is the only option to have the 2 arrays on the one controller or am I missing a cable? Any pointers/tips would be appreciated.
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Re: ML370 Miror and stripe setup

Hi Mark,

You need the optional duplex SCSI backplane kit. Here is a note on what it does.

Q. What is the optional duplex SCSI backplane?
A. The option duplex drive backplane snaps onto the back of the standard 6-bay drive cage. This allows the 6 drives to be split into 2 channels with a 2-drive to 4-drive configuration.

Option part number is 339323-B21 according to the ML370G4 quickspecs, found here.


I hope this helps.


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Re: ML370 Miror and stripe setup

Mark that is right. The backplane is not able to be split as standard configured. The "split" blackplane is an option, so you will be forced to use just one channel for now.
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Mark Giles_1
Occasional Visitor

Re: ML370 Miror and stripe setup

Many thanks for the replies. I thought I must be missing something, the server was supposed to arrive fully assembled but came to me in pieces. The Duplex kit is now on order and I should have it setup the way I want it by tomorrow.