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ML370 RAID 3200

D'haeseleer Johan
Occasional Contributor

ML370 RAID 3200


i have a proliant ML370G1 with a raid 3200 with 64MB ram. When i start the server it's detecting the raid controler buth it keeps initializing and after a serten time it gives me a error "1783 array failure".

What can i do ?
Stephen Kebbell
Honored Contributor

Re: ML370 RAID 3200


let me guess, does it say Array Controller Failure (cmd=11h, err=020h)?
Don't know how often I've seen this error message (worked for 3 years at Compaq Hotline). And unfortunately it usually means a dead raid controller (although the data on your disks should still be OK). You could try reseating the card, or disconnect cables from the card, run a system erase, and hope. Do a search in the forums for
1783 3200 cmd=11h
You'll find a number of hits with similar problems.