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ML370 SA641 Reassign spare?

Denis Perron
Occasional Visitor

ML370 SA641 Reassign spare?

I recently had a drive fail on my ML 370 Raid 5 and the spare kicked in. Everything worked like it was supposed to, which is a good thing!
Now I have replaced the failed drive with another, but the acu (v 7.15.19) shows the array still in failure mode and the replacement as unassigned drive and is still working with the original spare as the 3rd drive.
How can I reassign the new drive(s) (picked up 2 drives) as spare(s)?
Any help would be appreciated.
Rajashekar Chintakunta
Honored Contributor

Re: ML370 SA641 Reassign spare?

Hi Denis,

As per the screenshot, I see that SCSI ID 0, 1 and 6 are part of the array. I am not sure how this array was created. Usually it should have been SCSI ID 0, 1 and 2.

The Smart Array controller and the backplane will assign the lowest SCSI ID which is free/availabel, when a new drive is installed.

As the IDs used were 0,1,3 and 6. When a new drive was installed it has taken SCSI ID 2 which was free and when a second new drive was installed it has taken up SCSI ID 5 which was free.

At the given scenario the best option is to backup the data and re-create the array with drives with SCSI ID 0,1 and 2.

In older harddrives there was an option to hardset the SCSI ID on the Harddrive. If that option is available on this Harddrive you could manually set the ID to 6 and install it to pick the drive as part of the array. To check if this harddrive has jumpers, remove the hotplug caddy. Once the hotplug caddy is removed you should see the jumpers on the harddrive. Set the jumper to ID 6 and fix the harddrive back in the caddy and you should be good to go.

Refer the below link on how the jumper pins to be set, this is not for the same hardrive but would help you to figure out.

Denis Perron
Occasional Visitor

Re: ML370 SA641 Reassign spare?

Thanks for the response. I was afraid of something like that.
The culprit drive is an HP and I don't see any way it could have been hard set, but I'll watch that closer in the future.