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ML370 SCSI Config

Justin Knipstein
Occasional Advisor

ML370 SCSI Config

Is there any way to change the default speeds in the SCSI bios? We would like a particular device to run slower than the default Ultra 320 Speeds.
I've searched and searched, rebooted and hit F1-F12, I don't see a scsi setup anywhere and I don't remember smart start offering to change specific device speeds.
ernst limbrunner
Trusted Contributor

Re: ML370 SCSI Config

hi justin

all you have to di is NOTHING.
the scsi controller in the ml370 (g2 and g3 models) only supports ultra3 (160 mb/s).
-------------------------------------------the controller AUTOMATICALLY sets the speed of EACH device to the max. speed supported by the device.
this happens during initialisation and is called negotiation.
when and old wide ultra device (40 mb/s) is installed, the whole bus will fall back to wide ultra speed (this is necessary as wide ultra supports only single ended transfer mode and ultra2, u3 and u320 run in lvd mode.

best regards

ps: if you have problems with your devive check termination (if it is not a disk in the drive cage) and check cabling. do not use a scsi port internally and externally at the same time.