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ML370 Startup failure

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Robert Lachut
Occasional Visitor

ML370 Startup failure

Have fairly new ML370 server, about 6 months old. The server has been turned off for approximately 1 month. Trying to start it today, the system comes up, runs for about 15 seconds then beeps several times and shutsdown. After approximately 30 seconds the server tries to restart on its own. We did notice that 4 of the 6 fans fans have failures indicating. We do not even get a startup screen on monitor. Any ideas on what to look for?

Re: ML370 Startup failure


If four fans out of the six has failed indication, the server never boot out of that condition. A ML370 needs at least three fans in the front cage for operation. Otherwise a thermal trip will occur and will not let the sever boot.

By the way as you have mentioned the server was fine one month back. Please try to reseat the fans and give a try.

Check all your cables.

Then swap a failed indicated fan with a good indicated one. Check whether the originally failed one comes live and the good one goes bad. If so something beyond the fans. ( It is unlikely to fail four fans at one time).