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ML370 Startup

Jeffery Fuller
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ML370 Startup

I have been assigned to a ML370 server that will not boot up. The primary drives show bad and the machine won't boot. I have the SmartStart disk, but the machine just goes through a loop telling me that the SCSI drives are bad. How can I get to the BIOS and make it boot from the SmartStart CD? Any help will be appreciated.

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Re: ML370 Startup

Hi jf,

What is the generation of the server?

What is the controller installed in the server?

How many drives are installed in the server?

Here's what you can try:
1. Try checking the cables for the hard drives.

2. Try updating the system ROM to the latest if this is a generation 1 server from here:

Smartstart CD would diagnose the issue with the controller only if it is a smart array controller.

Jeffery Fuller
Occasional Visitor

Re: ML370 Startup

Txs for the help. Don't know the server age or version. It does have the Array and it tries to boot from it. It has 6 drives and the top two are errored out. I put in smartStart and it doesn't even access it. It just goes and tries to boot from the array. Do you know the sequence to get to the BIOS? Some key strokes when the "COMPAQ PROLIANT" banner flashes I think. I believe the BIOS have been changed to where it never tries to boot from the CD, therefore I can't get into it at all. It just tries to boot from the bad array, crashes, then starts all over again, does that for literally days!
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Re: ML370 Startup

Hi Jeffery,

If this is a G2 or above ML370 server the BIOS can be entered by pressing F9 once prompted. The boot order can then be changed from the menu. It sounds like you have a G1 server however.

The original generation 1 ML370's would have a system partition (for diagnostics and BIOS configuration) if built with a Smartstart CD. To access this you would wait until the system goes through POST and the cursor jumps to the top right of the screen (after you hear two beeps). While the cursor is at the top right of the screen you press the F10 key which would take you into the BIOS menu - booting from the system partition instead of the Operating System partition.

I appreciate that you may not be able to do this if the logical drive is faulty but it sometimes works even though the operating system in inaccesible.

From the main BIOS menu you would choose "System Configuration" then "Power On Defaults" then "Set Standard Boot Order".
This can be changed to "A: CD: C:" -normally listed at the top.

If the system won't boot the diagnostic partition then you will have to make up a set of System Configuration Utility disks and boot from floppy (which should work).
You can then make the chages suggested above. The floppy SCU kit is available from here (4 floppy disks required).

Have you tried removing the disks and reseating them? Good luck in any case.

I hope this helps.


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Re: ML370 Startup

The easiest way to identify the generation would be by the chasis color.

The earlier model used to be white in color.
G2/G3 will be black/grey in color.

You may check with the Serial Number in the Warranty entitlement link below to get more info

Robeto Ribas
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Re: ML370 Startup

I'm suffering this exactly problem, but I don't have the possibility to use 1.44 MB disks, just CDs.

Where could I get the CD?

I must say this is urgent!

Thanks in advance