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ML370 and NT 4

Dave Higdon
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ML370 and NT 4

I'm installing NT 4 on a brand new ML370
NT creates a 4 GB partition on the first 70 GB drive.

Once NT is installed and I run Disk Administrator in NT to partition the remaining space and it writes a signature to the space, the system is unbootable, I have to reinstall from scratch usin smartstart.

I suspect it may be due to something HP includes when installing using Smartload, since this never occurred before on my noname servers.

Is there a way to use the remaining space without trashing the OS/boot section on the disk or do I leave bad enough alone and get another disk ?

I'm adding this server as a BDC, migrating from the PDC, promoting this new ML370 to PDC then upgrading to 2003.

Will I be able to use the space once I get to 2003?


Nick Walton
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Re: ML370 and NT 4

Hi Dave,

If you are aiming for Server 2003 then why not just do a fresh install of that OS rather than mess about with NT 4? The tools in Server 2003 are reported to be good for migration from NT 4. I haven't used them personally but from what I read in Mark Minasi's excellent book they are there to make your migration smooth.

I'm not sure if SmartStart supports Server 2003 on ML370. You need to check the HP site. If it doesn't then just do a plain install from the OS CD and install the Proliant Support Pack once the server is up and running.

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Re: ML370 and NT 4


Once you have created the array you can load the 2003 OS of the CD which is best rather than upgrading it and 2003 should allow you to use the full disk space available. We have servers running 2003 which has disk space around 100GB.


Terry Hutchings
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Re: ML370 and NT 4

When you go into disk administrator and format the second partition are you setting this new one as active? If so, then this is the problem.
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