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ML370 and Service Pack 2 problems

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

ML370 and Service Pack 2 problems

Hi all,

I have now upgraded my ML370 to Windows 2000 and IT is set as a PDC. I have not installed any 3rd party software from Compaq exept the module that regulate the speen of the fan.There is no problems in any event logs either.
Then I do a installation of service pack 2 and the machine crashes in Lsass.exe and reboots after 60 sek. I have serched the microsoft site and found the soulution to the problem and that is to reinstall the service pack, something that is not a selection as the service pack causes the problems.

There is only 256 MB ram on the server in the minute but will be upgraded today to 512.

If I remove the SP2 again the server is stable and not having any problems at all. Does any one else have the same problem as me?
Mark Cloutier
Respected Contributor

Re: ML370 and Service Pack 2 problems

anytime you install a service pack you MUST before the final reboot reinstall the CSP's..otherwise you get errors ..this is probably the reason why you got can reinstall the service pack and then before the final reboot install the csp's it should clear this up
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