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ML370 and large IDE drives

Robert Elder
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ML370 and large IDE drives

I have a 1st gen ML370 that I tossed a 250G IDE driove in, however, even after updating the BIOS, it still only shows as 128G. Will a ML370 support the 250G drive?

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Re: ML370 and large IDE drives

Hi Bob,

Please take a read of the following aricles, I believe these should solve your problem:
BIOS IDE Hard Disks Limitation:

Only 128GB is seen in Windows Disk Manager

Take a read of the Microsoft KB available at;en-us;305098

Windows NT Boot process and Hard disk constraints;EN-US;114841

IBM Hard Drives Incorrect Size detection;EN-US;183654

Hope it was of help and don't forget to assign points:)


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Re: ML370 and large IDE drives

I'm looking into this issue as well. From this I have discovered that to be able to address more than 128G you need native support for 48-bit addressing. I think a work around on machines like yours that don't have this maybe to create two 125G partitions on the single 250G drive, so your system has two hard drives which are infact one physical drive.
hope this helps
Robert Elder
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Re: ML370 and large IDE drives

Thanks all, you just confirmed my fears. I will have to add in a better controller, even after flashing hte BIOS and applying the windows reg fix I still only get 128G.