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ML370 array upgrade

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Condolf Claudio
Occasional Visitor

ML370 array upgrade

Witch is the easiest way to move a raid 5 array made with 3 18Gbyte disks to a raid1 with 2 146Gbyte disk? With ghost no chance, the new array will not boot. Any help will be appreciated.
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Re: ML370 array upgrade


update everything in the actual server(drivers / firmware): controller - HDDs

- replace the first HDD 18 -> 146 wait until rebuild process finishes.
- replace the other 18 - 146 GB HDDs.

after that you have to open Array diagnostic utility and extend the new size to take advantage of the 146 GB HDDs.

after that you have to open Windows computer management and create a new partition and add that space to C: or create D:, ....

by the way what the controller is?
do you know if your controller support those HDDs I mean going to 18 -> 146 too much difference

Didn't your momma teach you to say thanks!
juan quesada
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Re: ML370 array upgrade


Is called raid migration page 36, however this will depend upon the storage controller,cache size and BBWC enable
as Karlo said, the ACU can extend HW size, the OS size needs also to be extended and formatted

Condolf Claudio
Occasional Visitor

Re: ML370 array upgrade

Thanks to all,

the controller is a:
Compaq smart array 532 controller,

and the 146 disk will work for sure because they are now used as disk e: but ther is no data on it.

After doing what Karlo wrote, is it possible that, after removing the last 18gig disk, the won't boot any more?.
I can leave one 18gig disk in place, but I have a second problem: I cannot extend the C: partition because of:
The partition cannot be extended because the dynamic disk wasn't created when I installed the system.The OS is windows 2000.

What about taking off all the drives exept the 146gig, be sure that they will boot. Putting back the 3 18gig and clone the data with resizing with Ghost? Will I be able to import the 36gig raid 5 array.

All this troubles because in the array bios I cannot set witch is the boot array, this feature is normally available other controlles.

Claudio of Switzerland