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ML370 boot problem

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ML370 boot problem

Hi, we have a ML370 server with Novell netware 5 OS in our office, it was working correctly, since yesterday during boot up on checking storage stop on following line:

Slot Port Id Lun

00    1      0    0


there are 2 scsi hard disk.

i need yor help for troubleshooting the error, i didn't find any help related in websites. i think solving this problem need exprience from many years ago..

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Re: ML370 boot problem

Try to find out if one of the disks or the controller is the culprit.


- power off, pull both disks

- power on - does it boot until it needs the disk?

- if not, the controller may be bad

- if yes, power off again, insert one of the disk

- does it boot?

-power off, pull this disk, insert the other

- what happens?

Hope this helps!

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