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ML370 doesn't boot, and gives long beeps

Patrick Pedersen
Occasional Visitor

ML370 doesn't boot, and gives long beeps

When trying to boot my Proliant ML370, it gives me nothing but long beeps. My only guess is that it might be the RAM, since the lights next to the RAM slots were all amber. I did have two RAM chips in the first two slots, with no success. I tried switching the RAM with some other RAM to see if that would help, and it didn't. Of course, it might be a different issue completely, and that the RAM may be just fine.
I tried looking up my problem in the Troubleshooting Guide, but it didn't have an error that matched mine in terms of an audible beep.
I am not receiving a video signal, so there are no messages appearing on the monitor to report. HELP!
John Drew

Re: ML370 doesn't boot, and gives long beeps


2 long beeps indicate a memory problem. try starting the server with one of the original modules in slot 1 and see if it boots. if it doesn't try booting with only the other module in slot 1.

is this a brand-new server?