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Re: ML370 g6 Processor 1 & 2 failure

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ML370 g6 Processor 1 & 2 failure

Hi everybody,

I recovered a Proliant ml370 G6 from retirement house. I tried to start it but he couldn't boot from the HHD disk.(At this moment only the PS2 was amber on the systeme Insight disp)

So I tried to remove the BIOS battery to try a clearCMOS and now, When the server start the Proc1 & Proc2 are amber the fans make lot of noises and no there is no display on the screen.

I would like to get some help, it's my first server and I am not very experimented.

I have more question than this one so if somebody could add send me a twitter or discord to ask with him. Thank you to anyone who will share their server knowledge with me.

Thank you.

Foulon D.


Re: ML370 g6 Processor 1 & 2 failure


I believe the server is powering on but no display.

You mentioned that you have more query to clarify. I would suggest you to log a support ticket with HPE for more details.


I am an HPE employee

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Re: ML370 g6 Processor 1 & 2 failure

Yes its power on but no display and thé front panel show me Processor 1 and 2 are amber and thé health light is red