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ML370 will not boot and no console output/message

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Matthew B
Occasional Visitor

ML370 will not boot and no console output/message

Have an ML370G4 that has been running fine for last year+ and now suddenly appears not to boot. Push the start button and looks like everything is physically starting (all drive lights on) but nothing ever appears on the console...and unable to reach it through network so it is either not completing or even starting the boot.

How do I get some indication of what might be wrong? I am fairly certain no changes were made to server in last few months.

Have tried:
- Changing console cables - they work fine on other servers in the rack
- Starting with SmartStart CD. No difference; still nothing to console.
- Put 2 power supplies on server. No difference.
- Pressed F1 thinking it was stuck somewhere. No difference. Not sure that console keyboard is even connected to the server.

Any ideas? Many thanks for any help.
Trusted Contributor

Re: ML370 will not boot and no console output/message

Hi Matthew,

Have you seen diagnostic LEDs inside the system, and correlated them with their respective status codes. If not, I suggest you first check it out.
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Oleg Koroz
Honored Contributor

Re: ML370 will not boot and no console output/message

Wont boot or wont POST ?
Changing console cables ?? KVM Cables
Still nothing to console ?? use local Monitor

If wont POST

Did you kept system disconnected for more than few day's ?
Disconnect from wall outlet
If any additional PCI card pull them out
Pull CPU & Memory out and press power button for 10 seconds
Let it stay for 5 minutes
Connect Cables and try once again with minimum memory configuration
Power on and Wait for 15 minutes

You can repeat steps with combination of switch 6 from maintenance box
Matthew B
Occasional Visitor

Re: ML370 will not boot and no console output/message

Could not find any internal or external LED warnings. We pulled out the memory and then booted fine with minimum memory. Put the rest of memory back in incrementally and eventually was running with all the memory that had originally been there. It used to recoginize 6GB; not it recognizes 8. Not sure if I understand but it is working now.

Many thanks for the assistance...much appreciated.