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ML370 with 5300 raid card and MSA30 array

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ML370 with 5300 raid card and MSA30 array

I have a generation 1 or 2 ML370 with no internal storage, all storage is in an external MSA30 connected via Smart array 5300.

There are three array within the enclosure a mirrored pair (containing o/s etc) A raid 5 with three disks and a further array with seven disks.

I was playing about with them at the wekend with the hope of moving the OS pair into the internal enclosure to with a view of removing the MSA 30 as the other volumes are no longer used. I need the OS disks for DHCP and Wins.

Anyway moved the mirrored pair into the internal cage but they weren't picked up by the card , I had disconnected the MSA30 and connected the internal cage. ACU could see the disks but didnt recognise them as a array.

No worries on that front I thought, I would keep one of the disk as a fall back so I could revert back to the MSA30 if needed.

So with a view of restoring the OS disks from a backup I inserted one of the mirror disks and a spare I had into the cage and set about trying to install the OS onto the disks in the cage , and due to a lack of a valid smartstart or correct set of drivers this didnt work out so I thought revert to the MSA30 and review my options.

Now the problem is once the machine had booted on the the single mirrored (or umirrored) disk I then went into acu and tried to insert the original mirrored disk for reasons I cant work out it is looking for the spare on port 2 while all the other disks are on port one can you suggest why this should be.

The ACU actually sees the second disk on port one but wont let me attach it to the mirror.

As I am typing this a thought has crossed my mind if I plug the MSA 30 into port two of the card would it possibly bring it back up on the right controller.

A view of the configuration is attached
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Re: ML370 with 5300 raid card and MSA30 array

Apologies it didnt attach first time