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allan mellor_1
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I have a ML370 with a 5300 controller in it.

Connected to the controller I have array A which has 2 drives on it, these are internal inside the server and array B which has 7 drives, which has a raid 5 config which are in a 4314 storage unit.

I am trying to add another 2 drives to array B but ACU doesn't see them and so I cant.

Any help would be cool.



Re: ML370

You must have 4314 with a dual channel controller. In this configuration the first 7 slots are assigned to one channel and the next 7 to the other channel.

If you remove the cable and connect it to the other scsi port on the storage you will be able to see those drives.
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Re: ML370

Did you try the drives in different slots?Was the 4314 ever upgraded to the dual bus 4354? Try upgrading the firmware and driver on the 5300.
Firmware can be found at
There’s your problem!!! This thing is set to EVIL!