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Mark Strevens
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I have been asked to resolve a problem with an ML370 Server [First generation]. The Server stops after initializing of the Smart Array 431 Card saying no devices attached. I have a choice of OR
If I press F8 I can see both drives. Status on Disc 1 is OK and ON Disk 2 Recovering [I triggered this]. Disc 1 is a Raid 1, Disc 2 is Raid 5 set up [5 Drives in total]
If I leave or press Esc then the message is "No SCSI devices attached".
How can I get the machine to boot back into Server 2003?

Many thanks in advance for your help.


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Re: ML370


since you are able to see the drives in the controller BIOS, it can be that either :

MBR has failed(in this case error should be "No logical drives found") and you have to pre-install


wrong boot order, you can go in BIOS and check the default boot order.

this shouldn't be any hardware error, since the controller and the drives are recognized. You can however start with firmware update and reseating the controller/cable/backplane...

This happens after restart or anything was changed/updated?

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Re: ML370

Hi Mark,

On the ML370 G1 systems the last POST message prior to boot relates to the scan of the internal SCSI bus ports. As your ML370 G1 doesn't have the embedded raid controller (ROC chip) fitted to the system board then the SCSI ports are available for use. So the "No SCSI Devices" message you receive simply relates to the fact that you don't have anything attached to the embedded SCSI ports. That isn't a fault - just information.

You should however see a message like "2 Logical Drives" displayed as the Smart Array 431 initialises to show that it recognises the two configured units.

It is more likely as suggested that the boot order needs to be set up as the default is to boot from the embedded SCSI ports. You need to change this so that the system boots from the 431 controller by entering the System Configuration Utility (SCU) on a G1 system. If you don't already have a SmartStart 5.50 (or below) CD then download the SS 5.50 ISO image and burn it from here (364Mb).

You can also use the floppy disk based System Configuration Utility disks if you don't have a CD burner. These disks, like the CD will allow you to access the system bios and change the boot controller order so that the Smart Array 431 shows as "First".

I hope this helps.


Mark Strevens
Occasional Visitor

Re: ML370

Thank you for your replies.
I greatly appreciated the help. Please accept my apologies for the delay in replying but I've had a bad asthma day.

The problem was resolved and the fault unexpected.

The CD-Rom drive had failed. Not an SCSI device at all so the message was indicating, I suppose, the last thing that had happened.

Many thanks to you Blazhev and Brian. I greatly appreciated your responses.

Best wishes from Gloucestershire, UK, by the way!