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ML370G£ CPU Fans

Andy Burke_1
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ML370G£ CPU Fans


Attended a call today after helpdesk reported 1 fan failed and 2 degraded. Got to site and all four fans failed. Tried a fan from the pci fans and this also would not work. Tried all fans in PCI fan slots, all ok. Got on fan going in cpu area but other three all went amber light. Do you agree that it is the system board not providing enough current to drive all four CPU fans?
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Re: ML370G£ CPU Fans


It's the system board.

Spare part for systems up to 2.8Ghz (400Mhz FSB System Board) is 290559-001.

Spare part for systems 3.06Ghz and above (533Mhz FSB system board) 316864-001.

The newer system board is backward compatible with the old CPU's and PPM's and will automatically drop to 400Mhz FSB.

I hope this helps.

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Re: ML370G£ CPU Fans


System board is bogus.
Replace systemboard.

It's a known issue on certain BIOSrom versions of certain types of motherboards...
(HP know it)

Updating the Rom will not help in your case, Updating the rom only helps if you're not expertising the issue yet.

Call HP support for the replacement.
Replacing all fans will not be the solution.

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