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ML370G2 Smart Array Controller problem

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ML370G2 Smart Array Controller problem

hi everyone,
weve got an ML370 with a smart array controller with 6 disk on the hd cage, with the OS on it. after a maintenance shutdown, the system no longer detects the disks and in effect, no longer reboots. weve transferred the cable from the smart array connector to the SCSI connector of the board and the disks were detected on the POST level. weve tried reseating (the disk, backplane, cables) but still no luck. weve suspected that its the smart array 5i controller thats defective since the disks were recognized when we transferred the cable. if we are correct & we will replace the smart array 5i controller, will the data on the drive preserved?
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Re: ML370G2 Smart Array Controller problem

Yes, if the RAID hasn't been destroyed the 5i will read the RAID config from the HDDs but the original HDDs postions must be keeped..

Before replacing the 5i:

Is there any error on POST?

Is the 5i been initialized during POST?

Remove any memory attached to the controller (BBWC)

Clear NVRAM ( either from RBSU or from the SB switch # 6 )

Upgrade BIOS and Firmware in the SB and 5i..

If after that it still doesn't work then you can be sure it is the 5i..
Andrew Young_2
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Re: ML370G2 Smart Array Controller problem


I concur with your analysis of the problem.

That RAID 5SI controllers keep the config information on the disks so replacing the controller should preserve the info since it will reread the disks.

However HP only guarantees this if the replacement controller is of a newer type or of the same type with the same or newer firmware revision.


Andrew Y
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