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ML370G3 Nt install w/smartstart cannot find domain controller

Sara Whitlock
Occasional Contributor

ML370G3 Nt install w/smartstart cannot find domain controller

I am trying to install Windows NT 4.0 as a BDC on my new Proliant ML370 G3 using the smartstart 6.1 CD that came with the server. The NT installation finds the NIC, allows me to set up networking parameters and then tries to contact the current domain this point I get "The domain controller to the domain annot be located". The nic shows as active, it is plugged into the same switch as the current PDC, yet it cannot find the current DC? I tried to load the most current NIC drivers during the NT install by using the "have disc" option, but in order to get to the nic config proerties, it want a reboot...if you reboot at that point, you go back to the start of the NT installation process. Any thoughts?

ML370 G3 2.4 Ghz processor
2.5 GB RAM
Smart Array 5312 Controller w/6 36.4 Gb drives
Compaq Gigabit Ethernet Nic

Thanks for any suggestions,
Glenn Weavind_1
Frequent Advisor

Re: ML370G3 Nt install w/smartstart cannot find domain controller

Hi: at the point where your installation starts trying to find the PDC, go to the PDC, and see if you can ping your soon-to-be new BDC. If you can ping it, then tracert to it: is it on the same subnet: if not, you will need to use an lmhosts file on the new BDC to tell it how to find the existing PDC (hint: do *not* use the #PRE in this lmhosts file - it stops it working at this stage). If you can ping it, and it's on the same subnet, then there's something wrong with the IP stack on the new BDC. If you can't ping it, then you don't have connectivity, most likely cause is that the new BDC is on the wrong VLAN to the existing PDC - check with your network admins.