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ML370G3 RILOE-2 conflict

David Nash
Occasional Contributor

ML370G3 RILOE-2 conflict


I'm doing a new installation of SCO UnixWare 7.1.3 on the following server:

ML370 G3 single processor
Smart Array 642 controller
3 x 36GB HDD - RAID5
Remote Insight Lights Out Edition 2 card

I've updated all the firmware (system, NIC, RILO)& installed the base operating system. I then loaded various modules of the EFS 7.62. The system ground to a near halt. I've reinstalled and then added the EFS modules one at a time. It seems to be a problem with ptfcrid. I read the EFS docs, and it mentions possible conflicts when used in a single CPU system. It also says to go into the DCU and change the IPL of cpqw and crid to match the disk or networking driver.

I wasn't sure what to do. Basically, I went into system ROM (F9) then PCI devices. These showed:

iLO Controller 5
iLO Processor 10
PCI USB Controller 11
64-bit Dual-wide SCSI Adapteor port1 15
64-bit Dual-wide SCSI Adapteor port1 15
Compaq NIC7781 Gigabit controller 11
HP Smart Array 642 15
Display controller -
RILOE II Management ASIC 10
RILOE II Main Processor 5

I changed the last three (RILOE II) to '15'.

This seems to have speeded things up, but in the dcu the network controller is on IRQ5 and the Smart Array on IRQ 11.

I'd just appreciate some advice, and whether what I've done is correct, or if I need to do something else!

I also have a second question...

I've loaded (Y) or not loaded (N) the following EFS modules.

Hot plug memory - N
EFS Docs - Y
PCI HotPlug - N
PCI-X HotPlug - Y
Intel 1000 - N
Intel 100 - N
Attached Storage Array - N

Fibre Diags - N
IMD Idle screen (Y) - what is this?
CISS Diags - Y
Storage Driver - N
SCSI-2 - N
Health Logging - Y

CR3500 RAID - N
Remote Insight Driver - Y
Wide Ultra SCSI - Y
IDA Diags - Y
Standby Server - N (What is this?)

Are the above choices compatible with my system?

Apologies for the length of this message...