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ML370G3 & q57.lan driver checksum problems

Brent Boisvert
Occasional Visitor

ML370G3 & q57.lan driver checksum problems

According to Novell's TID 10074067, there is supposed to be an updated driver available to resolve the following issue...

UDP packets originating from the NetWare server that are greater than 64 bytes may have a udp checksum value of 0 and an invalid Fragment offset in the IP header.

The problem has been identified with the B57.LAN and Q57.LAN drivers. With the updated TCPIP stack in NW51SP5 or NW6SP2, an issue was fixed in the way the stack offloads the UDP checksum information to the driver.

There is a beta LAN driver (Version 2.37 Friday, November 22, 2002) that fixes this issue.

Has anyone seen this new driver?
Janine Bertolo
Honored Contributor

Re: ML370G3 & q57.lan driver checksum problems


You can now download q57.lan version 2.38 in SP21930.exe from


Janine Bertolo
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Roger Zan
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Re: ML370G3 & q57.lan driver checksum problems

Beware!!! The Q57.LAN driver has serious bugs in it. To start off, it causes all sorts of ARP cache errors on Layer 3 switches. Also, the ethernet counters do not increment in the event of a failure, such as the "Trasmit Failed, Carrier Sense Missing" counter if the cable is pulled or the NIC is bad. I would avoid the NC77xx series NICs' in Netware servers altogether, until HP fixes the problem. Use the NC7131 NICs' which use the N1000.LAN driver, which I have tested to work well.
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Miguel Veliz
Occasional Visitor

Re: ML370G3 & q57.lan driver checksum problems

Hi everyone,

I ran into an issue similar to what it's mentioned here and downloaded the latest Q57.LAN from the HP support & drivers site, but I wonder if the checksumming issues is resolved with this driver or there is still need to do some configuration within the cfg files, like the option CHECKSUM=OFF

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