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ML370G4 / 2003x64 transfer rates


ML370G4 / 2003x64 transfer rates


I'm trying to set up a host for VMware server.

Hardware: ML370G4 (2x XEON 3.6, 8 GB, SA 6402 w/ 6x 146 GB, 4 NICs), MSL5026S2 (2x SDLT320)

Since I don't speak Linux, the only x64 host system available to me is 2003 R2 SP2 x64 (standard or enterprise).

So I set it up with the enterprise server, PSP 8.10 (later 8.20), VMware server 2.0, and created a NetWare 6.5 VM and an XP SP3 VM.

Transfer rates were way down, internal (between VMs) and external, about a third of what I expected. Backup speed (using ARCserver for NW 11.1 SP3) was about a tenth of the normal speed.

I changed the drives to another set and installed plain NetWare (6.5 SP8) with the corresponding PSP 8.20 - transfer rates right where I expected them.

After quite a bit of testing, I found 2003 server to be the culprit. Even a fresh install (enterprise or standard - I tested both) without VMware shows transfer rates (internal or external) down to about 10000 to 15000 kB/s with occasional breakdowns to 500 kB/s instead of 45000 kB/s I get with plain NetWare.

Is there a problem with the driver or 2003 server? Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!