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Re: ML370G5 powers on but no video

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ML370G5 powers on but no video

Customer's server powers on but no video, just fans blowing. Internal System Health LED is red and External is Amber. System has dual redundant power supplies. Tried unplugging power for a minute or two but problem still persists. 

Don't know if this will help but:

Server Info:

S/N - Private Info Erased

PID - 417188-001

Thanks in advance for any advice.

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Re: ML370G5 powers on but no video


What you need to do is to access the embedded "ILO" management utility on the ML370 G5 system.

I think in your case it would the ILO2 version of the utility.

One of the network ports on the server is the connection to the ILO management utility.

Download user guide to find out which network port is the shared ILO access port.

Somewhere on the server there should also be an ILO label where you can find the default user name and password to log into the ILO utility.

The ILO system is independent from the server hardware so from within the ILO utility you can see what part of your server has failed.

I have uploaded 2 pictures.

One is the ILO info label from my DL380 G9 server showing the default login credentails and the other is fron within my ILO utility which shows I have a degraded storage problem. (I pulled out one of the hard drives in my Raid Array to cause the yellow Dregraded prompt).

Hope this helps.