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ML370G6 & predictive failure warnings

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ML370G6 & predictive failure warnings

Hello all,


I have  ML370 G6 using the P410i RAID controller. The array has five 146GB  disks in RAID5 with no online spares. The server spontaneously rebooted one afternoon and the disk in slot 3 was displaying the orange  LED.  I replaced the failing disk with a HP branded spare.   I followed up on the array rebuild the next morning to find the orange LEDs activated for  slots 1, 2, 3 and 5.  I ran the ACU diags and all 4 disks had the 341 - Predictive drive failure warning.


I ordered a batch of new drives - these are identical capacity Seagate branded drives without HP's firmware. I replaced each of the original disks one by one, waiting for the array to rebuild after each replacement, including the one in slot 4 which had not shown the predictive failure warning.  After the last disk was replaced, I waited for the parity recalculation to run overnight.


I came back the next day to all 5 drives showing the predictive failure error. I then tried upgrading the firmware on the RAID controller and all drives are still reporting the predictive drive failure error.

How do I go about getting rid of the predictive failure error messages? Should I destroy the array, recreate it and restore from backup?  Do my replacement drives need to have HP's firmware for them to behave properly?  Are my replacement drives now trash and unfit for use?


I'm attaching 2 copies of my ACU diag report- the first taken after the drive in slot 3 was replaced, the second after all 5 disks were replaced.


Thanks in advance for any insight anyone can provide!


Re: ML370G6 & predictive failure warnings



I see that P410i has updated firmware of 6.40.


Now coming to drives, the issue could be with SAS cables or drive backplane or even with the controller itself.

Try swapping with different SAS cables if you have.


Thank You!
I am a HP employee.

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Re: ML370G6 & predictive failure warnings

Thanks for the suggestions.  Unfortunately, the controller is built into the motherboard so there's no easy swap for  that part. I did try swapping the SAS cables from a known good machine and had no luck there.  Meanwhile, I'll look into replacing the backplane along with destroying & re-creating the array.