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ML370R MAJOR Problems

Don Sharp
Occasional Contributor

ML370R MAJOR Problems

We've got 7 servers, 1 of which is an ML370R. This server has had ongoing issues - it's on it's second motherboard, 3rd array controller, and has had virtually every other component in it replaced besides the hard disks, the casing, and the Compaq badge on the front.

Last night it decided to stop responding. Rebooting now, you get no video - tried different monitors/cables no response. It does appear the disks spin up though. So you could assume only the video is dead; however, once the machine is given a couple of minutes to boot up, there is no response to ping or other network access. The network card is a dual-port Compaq PCI card, so that perhaps rules out the motherboard as the sole cause.
So lit disks, no video signal, no network response.

Any ideas on what would cause these symptoms? It's frustrating that under warranty we've had qualified Compaq service techs out umpteen times to fiddle with our main production server, when on the 2nd or 3rd time the thing should have been replaced. As it stands, we are looking at a W2003 upgrade soon, and will need to replace some servers. For the first time we will need to consider going non-Proliant.
Gert Luyten
Respected Contributor

Re: ML370R MAJOR Problems

I can only encourage you to talk to your HP Sales contact to let the system be replaced.

It's not good practice to change brands simply because you have one rotten egg. We have a multitude of customers who changed from Compaq to Dell for the price and changed back again for the technology and support.
A Proliant a day keeps the competition away!
Peter Frazer
Frequent Advisor

Re: ML370R MAJOR Problems

Have you tried replacing memory? I find that a bad memory module can cause all kinds of problems (including what you described). If you have multiple memory DIMMs, try yanking them out and putting them in one at a time or try different ones. Another thing, do you have adequit ventilation around your servers. I have had a couple actualy restart after the AC went out; maybe something is failing because of heat. Do you have clean power coming into the box? Maybe try a line conditioner in front of the power supplies.

Anyway, Things to think about. I would deffinately try the memory first. Let us know how it goes.