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ML370g3 causes network to be down

Amine Bennani
Occasional Visitor

ML370g3 causes network to be down


i am encountering a very strange problem the last to days with my Proliant Server ML370G3.
here is the problem whenever i connect my server to the network the gateaway is no more accessible by any one, hence no internet connection. but when i remove the server from the network everything goes back to normal.
and if i want to access the server and connect the rest of the network to internet i need to remove the gateway from the ethernet settings of the server.

my guess is that the server is flooding the gateway with requests making to reject all incoming requests.

so how can i verify this?
how can stop the server doing this?
and does any body have another explanation.

i would really appreciate your help.

When there is a will there is a way
Israel Cortes_1
Occasional Visitor

Re: ML370g3 causes network to be down

More details please.

What is the function of that server?

IIS? DNS? Spam Server?
Ron Kinner
Honored Contributor

Re: ML370g3 causes network to be down

netstat -s or sh int on the gateway
before and after hooking up the Proliant
should show you if it had to drop packets from the queue and whether the total number of packets jumped considerably. netstat -s should also work on the Proliant.

tcpdump would also show what is happening.

What operating system is running on the Proliant?

Terrence Holt
Occasional Advisor

Re: ML370g3 causes network to be down

2 suggestions:

Make sure your server isn't running a nasty worm like Code Red or the SQL Slammer, the traffic from these worms will lock up certain firewalls.

Verify that your servers ip address isn't the same as the gateway address. This would cause problems for all of the other systems on the subnet because they may be sending traffic to your server instead of the router.