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ML380 G3 Memory Upgrade Question

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ML380 G3 Memory Upgrade Question

Hello everyone!

I am the proud new owner of a ML370 G3. I know these days this platform isn't anything new, and is probably being moved out of data centers everywhere... however it suits my needs just great. Currently this system is running Slackware13.1_x86, w/ a 3ware 9550SX-4LP pci-x raid controller.

Unfortunately when I purchased the system it only came with a whopping 512MB (2x256) of ram! This certainly takes me back to yesteryear. I'm looking to purchase at least a pair of 2gb registered ecc modules for this system.

My question to my fellow ml370 administrators: has anyone attempted to install pc3200 memory in this system? According to the user guide, this system supports pc2100 memory. I'm not trying to get this system to use the memory at 400mhz; rather, ebay seems to have quite a few pc3200 modules available for a decent price. PC 2100 modules are certainly still around, but being an older standard, they're available in limited supply.

Any input is greatly appreciated!

Re: ML380 G3 Memory Upgrade Question

I have not tried installing the pc3200. However, as per documentation and QuickSpec document this server supports only PC2100 and PC3200 is not supported. Using the 2GB PC2100 on 6slots you can have 12GB max.
Refer QuickSpec for more information and option part numbers:

If someone tried PC3200 on ML370G3, please share observations.

Murali Mohan
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Re: ML380 G3 Memory Upgrade Question

HI there,

ML370 G3 Server motheboard does not support PC3200 (400 MHZ). so it will not work.

the only supported memory on this server is PC2100


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Re: ML380 G3 Memory Upgrade Question

From my understanding, if a memory module supports a higher clock frequency than the memory controller chipset, the memory module should operate at the memory controllers frequency (in this case 2100, 266mhz).

Thank you for the prompt responses Murali and Aftab. This is what I was feared, but is exactly the feedback I was looking for. If I do come across a pair of 3200 memory modules, I will give it a try in my system. For now however, I will look into purchasing a pair of 2100 modules.