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ML380G6 P410i BBWC

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ML380G6 P410i BBWC

I just received my first DL380 G6 model and it has a built in P410i RAID controller with a 256MB memory card. However, there's no BBWC battery attached to the connector, so IMHO the memory is pretty useless, because i cannot enable the cache while it's missing.
Should there be a battery in a standard issue server, or is this an add-on option? If so, van anybody provide me with a p/n, because our supplier can only find the full upgrade to a 512MB module with piggy-backed BBWC.

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Re: ML380G6 P410i BBWC

Take a look under the "Storage Controller" section under "At A Glance" at the top of the URL.

You have the Base model,
"Base Models: HP Smart Array P410i/256 MB Controller (RAID 0/1/1+0/5/5+0)". The memory should be set up as read cache right now.

There is a BBWC upgrade for the 256MB cache, look under "Step 3" for the part number.

Yes, write-cache (with battery) makes a big difference, I don't know why HP makes it an option. I guess it is a marketing thing.

Re: ML380G6 P410i BBWC

Thanks, i'll order the BBWC battery.