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ML530 G1 Floppy Replacement

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ML530 G1 Floppy Replacement

According to the ML530 G1 Service and Maintenance Manual, the Floppy Drive should come right out when you loosen a screw and remove the two cables.

When I follow the steps as published, I cannot remove the floppy drive because it hits the cooling fan partition right behind the drive. The drive comes out about two inches and hits this partition. As far as I can see, there is no way to remove this partition so that I can replace the Floppy Drive.

Does anyone know how to get the floppy drive out so I can replace this non-working drive?

Any help would be most appreciated!

Re: ML530 G1 Floppy Replacement

Hi Jim,

Remove the floppy drive only after removing the following - access panel, CPU fans and the fan basket.

Once you remove the CPU fans, you would find the screw on the fan basket. Remove the screw to remove the fan basket.


Re: ML530 G1 Floppy Replacement

Also pull the system tray out, once the fan basket is removed.
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Re: ML530 G1 Floppy Replacement

Thanks to Pradeep Prabhakaran, I have a solution to my problem. The System Tray removal is not included in the ML530 Floppy Drive removal instructions. This is why I had problems removing the drive.