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ML530 G1 - SmartStart loop problem.

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ML530 G1 - SmartStart loop problem.

I'm trying to install WINNT4 on a ML530 G1 using the SmartStart CD v4.70. I've wiped the system up first using the "Run system Erase Utility" and then made it boot on the SmartStart CD. This having been performed, I've selected a manual configuration and chosen NT4 as an OS. Unfortunately, as soon a I click the "continue" button, the system reboots and goes into an install loop again and again (time settings, manual config, NT4...)
Any idea on why this happens and how it can be solved ?
Thanks for help !
Leon Rosier
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Re: ML530 G1 - SmartStart loop problem.


The minimum smartstart version you need for a ML530 G1 is 5.00


Re: ML530 G1 - SmartStart loop problem.

Hello Biguet,

The minimum smart start cd you need for the generation 1 server is 5.5 or below.

Trying later version of smart start cd would is probably easily solve the problem.

Also what you can do is, do the erase again, then boot off the smart start cd again and run the "system partition" utility.

I would not suggest you do a "manual install" as you probably have to specify the driver for what ever controller those harddrives are connected to. Using the "assisted install" would help you alot.

If you can find the driver for the controller that you are using then go ahead manual install but don't go through the smart start cd, use only to create system partition and then used the 4 bootable floppy thats provided by NT4 or create your own then apply driver for the controller and it should install OK.

Hope this info helps
Good luck

~Iynkaran J
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