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ML530 G1 drops

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ML530 G1 drops

Recently I was given a ML 530 G1 and for the past few days I've been messing with it. I made the following alterations:
- put in a 4 port PCI USB card
- put in a sound card
- ran some firmware updates from the Smart Start CD (just downloaded)
- made all 12 drives into a RAID 5

So I'm trying to get Win2K3 on it. After installing the O/S I installed some apps nothing huge...FTP server, IIS, My SQL, etc. no problems.

I tried copying some files over to it from my network (Lot's of files. Like 100 gig). Some of them copied, then after a minute or two I got a bsod! I reboot then try again. Another bsod, different error. (I did not write down either error). At that point I figure I better check some firmware, drivers, and the new cards I put in it. After removing all the cards, antoher bsod error. After running Firmware CD I got from this website, and running SPS, I no longer get the bsod when copying the files...BUT it now just drops off the network after a few minutes of copying!

At this point I don't know what to try...