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ML530 G2 and Remote Insight Lights-Out Edition II Board

Richard Ray

ML530 G2 and Remote Insight Lights-Out Edition II Board

I just installed a Remote Insight Lights-Out Edition II board. The board seems to function ok but the virtual power does not. It will not shutdown or power up the server. This is a new kit, part number 227251-001. I connected the 30-pin internal cable. This is the status

Remote Console: Available
Remote Insight Time: 13:57:14
Remote Insight Date: 04/06/2009
Remote Insight Keyboard Cable: Connected Internally
Remote Insight Mouse Cable: Connected Internally
Virtual Power Button Cable: Connected
Auxiliary Power: Connected Internally
Firmware Version: 1.03
Firmware Date: 11/04/2002
FPGA Version: 15
Serial Number: P43440HDAOQULY
Processor Type: PPC405GP-200MHz (E Stepping)

The folks here get upset when this server is offline so I would like to gether all suggestions for the next available downtime.
I did find a new firmware to try, cp006590.scexe