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ML530 G2 boot from the integrated IDE

Hawke S. Kim
Occasional Visitor

ML530 G2 boot from the integrated IDE

Hi, all

I'd like to install Linux on a extra IDE harddisk that is hooked on the integrated IDE controller of ML530 G2.

The installation is successful, but It does not boot from the IDE harddisk.

Of course, I adjusted the boot order at the BIOS.

I think that it is possible because the BIOS have the boot from the integrated IDE channel.

Please let me know how to do that.
Sigi J
Valued Contributor

Re: ML530 G2 boot from the integrated IDE

this is what i posted some days ago to another forum user:

Proliant SCSI-Servers do not boot from IDE-harddisks, they only boot from IDE-CDROM for setting up the OS.

If you want ot boot from a IDE harddrive, you need to insert a seperate IDE-controller, then set this controller as boot controller in config menu.

Occasional Visitor

Re: ML530 G2 boot from the integrated IDE

Be warned guys, I had a udma100 controller in my proliant 800 just to have two additional 60G barracudas for some storage...

at boot-time i had an error message about ROM system error or something (i dont remember the exact message) and had to press F1 to continue the boot process. win2000 server then used the disks properly, but without the controller, barracudas attached to the mainboard i had no disks in any OS.

The controller is a highpoint one, and has a bios and boots in a standard dektop PC...