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ML530 G2 lost cd rom drive

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ML530 G2 lost cd rom drive

This server has a strange problem, it "lost" the cdrom (it runs win2K server) got itself in a tizzy stopped accepting requests for about 5 minutes. On investiagtion we found it had lost it's cdrom.

We replaced this (and the cable) and am able to eject it for about 3-5 seconds on power up then once the bios/rom starts up we can longer eject it, and the o/s cannot see it.

Has anyone seen this problem before?

Re: ML530 G2 lost cd rom drive

Disconnect the CD-ROM
reboot the machine all the way to OS
turn off the system
Re-connect the CD-ROM
Get into the BIOS and check the CD-ROM
This will let the machine re arrange drivers and BIOS.
Update your Bios Firmware
If this is not working for you, you could have a system Board problem.