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ML530 - No management processor

Occasional Contributor

ML530 - No management processor


I have an ML530 that we have installed a RILO card in and Insight manager 7 is reporting that No management processor discovered and shows this as a blue dot in IM7. I have put another RILO card in it and applied 6.4 agents and latest firmware. Sill showing as blue instead of green.

Anyone know of any issues with ML530's with RILO cards as all other RILO cards show up as green in our other compaq servers.

Gert Luyten
Respected Contributor

Re: ML530 - No management processor

None known but there can be various other issues:
- you did no activate the Insight Information Agent thru Control Panel - Management Agents (but I guess this is done since you updated to Agents).
- make sure that your RILO is discovered, rerun it with the correct IP range
- in IM7 there is a Daily Device Identification Task running, start this one manually to identify what's installed
- update the RILO firmware to at least 2.4x or higher
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