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ML530 Second Drive Cage

Beth Conte
Occasional Advisor

ML530 Second Drive Cage

Proliant ML530, Ultra 3 SCSI
160 "431 Array" Controller, currently one drive cage w/ 6 - 36GB Ultra 3

We are going to add the second (optional) drive cage and hard drives. As far as I can tell, the parts required are:

1) drive cage w/ power (PN 128288-001)

2) hard drives, 36GB, 15K RPM (PN 232916-B22)

Are these the correct parts/part numbers? Any special considerations or tips?

Honored Contributor

Re: ML530 Second Drive Cage

The 431 Controller will handle up to 14 Drives, but it is single channel. If you are going to add the cage and each cage is on it's own SCSI channel, you will either have to cable the new cage to the on-board controller (port A or B) or get an additional controler. There should be enough cable (blue coded) bundled under the board for you to do this or you can order another (yellow coded 155072-001) SCSI cable.
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Janine Bertolo
Honored Contributor

Re: ML530 Second Drive Cage

Hi Beth;

In addition to John's recommendations, the ML530 requires a minimum of two hot-plug power supplies in order to power the second drive cage option.

If you currently have two power supplies for redunancy, you're fine, but you'll lose the power-supply redunancy.

If you currently have only one power supply on the unit, you will have to install a second to support the second drive cage.

With two drive cages installed, you require three power supplies for redunancy on this model.


Janine Bertolo
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Re: ML530 Second Drive Cage

When you order the drive cage, it comes with the additional power supply.