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ML530 & Smartstart 6.30 & Smart Array 6400/6402 Controller Cards

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ML530 & Smartstart 6.30 & Smart Array 6400/6402 Controller Cards

Hi all,

Have 2x ML530 Proliants (System Bios P22) using Smart Start 6.30 and Smart Array 6400/6402 Controller Cards. After installing hardware and creating arrays Smartstart comes back with the following message:

The primary controller configured in your system is not supported by this version of smartstart.

Is there a quick way around this (can't find anything posted in the forums with this combination)or shall i go a manual Windows 2000 install and specify the scsi card drivers as normal??

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance - Nick
David Savlin
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Re: ML530 & Smartstart 6.30 & Smart Array 6400/6402 Controller Cards

I was in the same boat as you. ML570 and a SA-6402 controller, couldn't use SmartStart. My solution was to use the ORCA tool (options rom configuration, aka. the ROM firmware on the controller) to create my boot array. I used the ROM Configuration Utility to set the controller as the boot device. Then I proceeded with a straight OS install, non assisted by SmartStart in any way.

Since I am using NT4 Server, I had to create the SA-6402 driver disk using the drivers CDROM that came with the controller. During NT4 setup bootup, just as the blue setup screen is initially displayed, give the F6 key several taps to ensure you are asked for the 3rd party storage driver prior to the "usual" place later on in the Setup process.

I called hp and they told me I was welcome to purchase a SmartStart subscription, and this would be the only way I could use SmartStart as the controller was "prereleased". I politely insisted that it was ludicrous to think I had a server, just purchased, that came with outdated and obsolete system software, and after some back and forth, they agreed to ship me the latest version (6.4) of SmartStart.
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Re: ML530 & Smartstart 6.30 & Smart Array 6400/6402 Controller Cards

Thanks David

I thought I would have to go the long way - thanks for confirming my thoughts - will chase HP for the latest smartstart for next time.