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ML530 won't recognise smartarray 5302

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Spencer Moore
Occasional Contributor

ML530 won't recognise smartarray 5302

I have a ML530 G2 with a 5302 Smartarray card. In the ROM setup it only sees the card as an unknown PCI device no matter which slot I put it in. It does however see the scsi controller that is built into the motherboard. I have tried disabling the onboard scsi and I have updated the bios. I am using smartstart 6.1. Is there anything else I can do or is the smartarray card bad?

Thanks in advance
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Re: ML530 won't recognise smartarray 5302

Hi Spencer,

Are you using Smartstart to build the server ?? It should load all the relevant drivers for you. If not I would try and update the system bios.. (seems to be the standard thing)..

If you still have problems.. try putting the card into another server and testing it there (may need to load the drivers). If you still have a problem.. try replacing the card.. I've got a couple of G2s with 5302's never had a problem (yet!!)

hope this helps
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Re: ML530 won't recognise smartarray 5302

Hi Forgot one other thing to try.. When the server boots does it see the array controller at all ?? you could also try updating the firmware on the array controller


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Re: ML530 won't recognise smartarray 5302

John, I think he is saying the "ROM" or BIOS does not see the SmartArray as POST.

Spencer, So the 5302 doesn't even load it's BIOS in then. I.E. you do not see the command lines appear at POST for the controller. If so , it does sound like a faulty card. Could try it in another computer to verify
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