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ML530G2 additional nic

Kelly Beauchaine
Regular Advisor

ML530G2 additional nic

I am trying to install an additional nic in my server and it has consistently given me a BSOD every time I've tried. The server is running Windows 2003 Standard and has PSP 7.90 on it. I am trying to install another NC77XX just like the one that is in it presently. The furthest I've gotten is trying to update the driver through the Device Manager. As soon as I try to do that, it crashes. Any ideas anyone?
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Re: ML530G2 additional nic


first of all try updating the Firmware for the server

using this you're going to update the NIC cards and System ROM.


so you already have same card in the box, just for test purpose:
1. can you run the server removing the card that is now in the server and put the other one and test.

so test that

2. now swap card I mean put the new one in the slot the old one is right now and put the old one where you're trying to plug the new one (I mean the recent one)

just in clear NVRAM (System Maintenance Switch see attached picture )
1. Power down the server.
2. Remove the server cover.
3. Locate the System Maintenance Switch, position S6, and move the switch to the "On" position.
4. Power the server back on until Power-On Self-Test begins.
5. After POST has started, power-cycle the server off.
6. Move the System Maintenance Switch back to the "Off" position.
7. Replace the server cover and power on the system. The server will boot normally.

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