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ML570 G2 Dual SCSI Controller

Stu Bailey
Occasional Visitor

ML570 G2 Dual SCSI Controller

I have an HP ML570 G2 server with dual SCSI controllers. However, SmartStart will only detect one fo them and, therefore, only the disks in cage1. When the system boots, I can see that it contains two SCSI controllers. Why does SmartStart only detect one?
Gus Kwong
Respected Contributor

Re: ML570 G2 Dual SCSI Controller

Hi Stu,

What is the version of your Smartstart? What is the model of the Smart Array Controller (or both in this case)? What is the firmware date/version?

You have mentioned you can see both during POST --- Were you able to view them in Insight Diagnostics (boot from SmartstartCD) or the System Diagnostics and Inspect utilities (boot from BIOS)?


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