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ML570 G2 re-imaging C: with Ghost

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Tim Jorgenson
Occasional Visitor

ML570 G2 re-imaging C: with Ghost

Has anyone got any experience in booting from cd/floppy to restore a Ghost image to the C:\ drive? OS: win2000 server
Is there any issues or things to watch out for when dealing with the RAID5 when doing this?
Miika T
Valued Contributor

Re: ML570 G2 re-imaging C: with Ghost

I've succesfully done this. I've used bart pe, so I can install the specific Smart driver for Ghost environment:

Honored Contributor

Re: ML570 G2 re-imaging C: with Ghost

Hi Tim,

The raid controller presents the logical drives as INT13 devices through it's BIOS to the system, so ghost should be able to see them. It's transparent to ghost whether these are raid1, raid5 or whatever.

If you plan to restore from the network then tools like the Universal Network Boot Disk might help. See the "How to" section for creating a CD.

Other image creation tools are just as good, if not better than ghost. A good example is Acronis True Image. Same idea as ghost but seems to be less trouble (I've used both and now stick with Acronis).

I hope this helps.