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ML570 G3: Pinout for internal USB port?

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ML570 G3: Pinout for internal USB port?

The internal USB port in a ML570 G3 is normally used to connect to a DAT tape drive using a special cable--which does not appear to be readily available. [For photo, see page 7 at: .] I would like to use the internal USB port for a backup boot flash drive containing a recovery operating system.

I am looking for the pinout of the connector on the mainboard. It needs a 1-row 5-pin connecter which inserts horizontal to the mainboard. One of the 5 pins on the mainboard is missing by design.

Normal USB connectors have 4 color-coded pins: power=red/orange, ground=black/blue/brown, data+=green/gray and data-=white/yellow. It is clear from the description that the ML570 G3 mainboard connector is electrically compatible with normal USB signals.

The USB connectors that I have found have 4 adjacent pins in a 5 pin connector, which may be of a slightly smaller size.

Any suggestions as to how to find or build an adapter cable to use the ML570 G3 internal USB header?
Gerardo Arceri
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Re: ML570 G3: Pinout for internal USB port?

Tough one to crack, my advice get a voltimeter and find out what are the GND and DC 5V+ cables, after that finding out the Data+ and Data- cables should be pretty easy.
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Re: ML570 G3: Pinout for internal USB port?

If you figure out the pinout on the motherboard, making a USB cable that will fit in the mb header should be easy. Take a look at this picture

You notice the small plastic tabs on one side of the housing. If you lift the plastic tab with a thin instrument, you can pull the single wire out of the connector housing, the wire comes out with the metal connector at the end.

So now you have something like this.

Once you have the wires pulled out, you can either wrap them with tape and plug them on the mb header pins or insert them at individual connector housing as in this picture.
If you take a regular 5 connector black housing you can slice it down slots 2 and 4 and make 3 individual connector housings.
Kevin Mellor
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Re: ML570 G3: Pinout for internal USB port?

Hi there,

I too would be interested in this. I have a TandBerg RDX QuikStor I cannot install and wonder if the server has a non-standard pin-out configuration?