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ML570 G3 internal cabling

Adrian Graham_1
Regular Advisor

ML570 G3 internal cabling


We're having issues with the internal SCSI cabling on the latest ML570, in that all documents etc point to cables having to run *behind* the bracket that holds the storage fan tray:

This bracket is riveted to the chassis and it doesn't seem possible to get a plug through it as shown above, also the routing for the tape drive etc is very tight and tortuous so we think we're doing it wrong :)

Any clues? I can post pictures of the assembly itself if that's any help, though the docs show all.


(oh, and we don't see the thinking behind putting a RAID card in a hot-plug slot since if it dies that's the server out of action anyway, but that's for another thread)
Honored Contributor

Re: ML570 G3 internal cabling

Hi Adrian,

The bracket doesn't need to come off. You should be able to feed the long braided part of the SCSI cable down over the top part of the bracket and settle it near the rivets. The bracket has a gap between it and the chassis and this is where the cables simply rest in position to avoid being near the fans etc.

The bracket just acts like a U shape to rest the cables inside.

I do agree that the SCSI cabling especially for the tape drive area is poorly thought out. Officially the system board, memory cage and CPU's all have to be removed to fit a tape drive (crazy !). The LTO448 tape unit in particular is difficult to fit as it has a depth which is greater than normal devices. This means that the power cable and SCSI cable are crushed against the metalwork of the chassis. The standard internal SCSI cable (2 drop points and terminator) is also too short to attach to internal SCSI port 1 on the system board. I have fitted a longer SCSI cable and right angled power adapter to a ML570G3 to accomodate a LTO448. The right angled power adapter gives it just about 0.25 inch better clearance and will probably help with overall cooling and reliability.

I hope this helps.

Adrian Graham_1
Regular Advisor

Re: ML570 G3 internal cabling

Hi Brian,

Seems that these brackets are different to the one you describe, I've attached a picture of ours - you can see the extra metalwork, possibly for extra strength?