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ML570 G3

Anees Tajbhai
Occasional Contributor

ML570 G3

My server hangs. The internal health light is amber. The system board led is also amber on the processor with error 4C.

Does anyone know what the 4C means
Honored Contributor

Re: ML570 G3


Is it possible that the code is actually U4 and not 4C?

There does not appear to be a C4 code on the error listing for ML570G3. If the code is U4 then the PPM for CPU4 is missing or faulty or might need to be seated properly.

Please have a look at the attached error code listing for the LED display.

I hope this helps.

Anees Tajbhai
Occasional Contributor

Re: ML570 G3

Hi Brian,

Thanks for your response.

It can not be U4 as I have only one processor installed and that is in slot 1.

I have looked at it again and it still looks like 4C to me.

I am really lost on this!