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ML570 Server

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ML570 Server

Hello. My name is Rick.

I recently recieved a server from a friend of mine.

This is a Compaq Proliant ML570. It has 4 scsi 10000 rpm 18.x gig drives. It has one ide cdrom and one 12/24 gb tape drive. It also has a one floppy drive. I have added a scsi cdrom drive. edit: oops. It is a G1 machine. 2/4 Pentium iii Xeon and 1 GB of ram.

I can get it to install RedHat 8.0 but it will not boot.

I believe the two sets of two scsi drives are not seen during boot because a driver is not loaded so they can be seen.

I guess I need a boot drive.

What kind of configuration did this machine have and where can I get SmartStart 5.5?


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Re: ML570 Server

I hope it is okay to reply to my own post.

When I got the machine it would not boot. The Interlock would stop with a Processor 3 code.

I bypassed the interlock and turned on the video also and got a Logo Screen. Then I was able to get an IDE DVD Rom to boot a cd/dvd. I wish it had a usb/pci card for my mouse. My friend has new PS2 mice.

I hope to buy two more 700 MHz Xeons and some more ecc memory to run a newer version of Linux.

Fedora 30 Lab Astronomy gives me an Illegal Opcode.


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Re: ML570 Server

Seek and you shall find.

Why was it difficult to find this link earlier.

This is the link to Smart Start 5.5 and others.

edit: Also.

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Re: ML570 Server

I guess I am at a stand still. Downloaded the 5.5 CD and it will not boot. I used a DVD-R and a DVD+R.

Tommorrow or later I will get some actual CD's.

Installed RedHat 8.0 a few more times and no boot.



Re: ML570 Server

Hi ,

 I understand that you are trying to install RHEL 8.0 on a Proliant ML570 Server .

 Please be informed that  ML570 G1 server is an archived product and it is not showing in as a supported 

Kindly refer the following HPE Servers Support & Certification Matrices link ;




I am a HPE Employee

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Re: ML570 Server

Thanks for the reply.

It is not RHEL as far as I know. It was in a Red Hat Unleashed book.

I am not for sure what the lowest version of SmartStart I can use.

As far as support is concerned, I am okay with it being a legacy device.

Since it does not have any support I guess I can call it quits here and look to finish it up on my own.

Do I need to label this as Solved?


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Re: ML570 Server

I finally found a Smartstart 5.50 cd on it boots but has the error 76.

I think I need the Erase Software.

I guess a blog would be more ideal than a forum.



I found out that there is some Diagnostic Software on the cd.


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Re: ML570 Server

How does someone access the System Configuration Utility when the cd does not boot?

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Re: ML570 Server

@Rick7 wrote:

How does someone access the System Configuration Utility when the cd does not boot?

If I recall, the only way to access the utiltiy was either from the system partition (if one was created) or by booting the CD. Those systems pre-date support for booting from a USB key.  That system was retired from production in late 2003.

there were a couple of differernt controller drivers depening on what controller was in the server.

THere was a Red Hat 8.0  this was not an Enterprise version, that naming wasn't really used then.  There was also a Red Hat Advance Server version which was v 2.1 during this servers time  The older drivers are still available


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