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ML570 Will Not Post

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ML570 Will Not Post

Actually this is a post to share a problem and a fix.

I have a ML570 quad processors and a SA5304/128MB COntroller.

Was working for the past 5 years with no problems then of course one day it shut off.

Symptoms were as follows: Power LED would stay amber, Fans spinning, power LED's on power supplies were solid green. No red lights on any internal componants, no interlock LEDS, however no video, no disk initialization, no beeps, no nothing. BUT there was the 3 status lights on the front next to the power light for the fans, power, and disk ( i think the 3rd one is) these would flash like morse code. Almost as if they were not getting enough power or the monitoring of these subsystems was failing.

I rechecked the cables and reseated everything with no change.

I swapped power supplies, removed SA5300, mother board, daughter card, and power backplane with no fix or change in the symptoms.

On a whim I ordered the Processor terminator boards so I could test each processor to see if maybe one of them was bad and that was the culprit.

Apparently a Processor was so bad that it was shorting out the system from booting.

Just thought I would share this since I didntfind it posted anywhere.
James ~ Happy Dude
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Re: ML570 Will Not Post

Indeed its interesting, as, if the processor was the main cause, there should have been a Amber/RED led on the system board; either while powering on.. or on immediate shut down.

Thanks for info !
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Re: ML570 Will Not Post

Hi ken

great troubleshooting that you did

this is a good practice to post when someone tried something and it was successful

Didn't your momma teach you to say thanks!