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ML570G2 part 2

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ML570G2 part 2

We have 2 non-board (external) controllers (SCSI and SATA). Why this two cards can`t work together?
First loaded SATA controller and post message is
BIOS installed successfully.
Board is Adaptec Adaptec Serial ATA II RAID 1420SA.
Second booting and post message what SCSI BIOS not installed. And OS can`t boot.
When i`m turn off SATA BIOS it`s ok. booting, but i can`t see SATA disks.

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Re: ML570G2 part 2

We can have either SCSI or SATA controller installed at a time.
Server will not work with both together.
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Re: ML570G2 part 2

Hello DmitryG,

One reason i can think of atm,
Server requires Scsi drive cage/backplane OR Sata drive cage/backplane to slot the disks and detection.
A server can either have a Scsi drive cage/backplane OR Sata drive cage/backplane since the system board architecture would vary for each.

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Re: ML570G2 part 2


Try installing the SATA controller and then entering the BIOS (CTRL-A) when prompted fro this controller. In the BIOS for the SATA controller you can disable INT13 BIOS. This will allow you to see the SATA drives but the system won't attempt to boot from the SATA controller.

This should allow you to have the SATA Controller and Ultra160 controller together.

I assume you only want to add the SATA controller for additional storage only.
This should work OK once you have disabled INT13.

I hope this helps.